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Welcome to Whoop Rabbit Island 02-Apr-2022   Jesse Perkins
Happy Spring from Tiny Whoop GO! To celebrate the season I'm hosting the Tiny Whoop GO Rabbit Run in the new TWGO environment, Whoop Rabbit Island! This desolate meadow island framed by jagged rocks is home to a few small animals, an epic Tiny Whoop raceway and the Rabbit Run Special Event on Saturday April 16th! You'll love exploring the island looking for Easter eggs, the local wildlife and a few other hidden secrets! In addition to a hidden freestyle area positioned over the tide pools you will also find 8 of each color normal Easter eggs, plus one extra tall egg in each color and one extra short egg in each color! The raceway itself flows fast along the grassy meadow with a few technical elements between grassy sweepers and dips thru natural gaps in the island terrain. Its a blast! On Saturday, April 16th I'll be hosting the Rabbit Run Special Event, a double elimination bracket for the top 32 pilots on the international leaderboard! Any time you fly three laps in Fly Solo mode your time will be added to the leaderboard (visible in the course or at On April 15th I will take a screenshot of the leaderboard and reach out to the top 32 pilots via Discord (join now: to invite you to the main event on the 16th at 12pm PT (3pm ET) (20:00 UTC) Grab your event pass now (including the Whoop Rabbit Island environment and raceway) in the Store tab within Tiny Whoop GO! After you have your event pass, just go to tracks, click browse, scroll down to 'Tiny Whoop GO - Whoop Rabbit Island' and add it to your favorites. Then you'll be able to download the new track and environment from the Favorites tab! As soon as you start flying your three-lap times will be automatically updated to the international leaderboard on the front page of I'll be hosting some multiplayer sessions and small gatherings this week and next leading up to the main event on the 16th, so watch the Tiny Whoop GO Pilots Lounge group on FB as well as the discord (link above) so watch out for my posts and please join me! See you guys on the island!
Announcing the new Chinese Courtyard! 16-Jan-2022   Jesse Perkins
Happy Chinese New Year from Tiny Whoop GO! You're going to love the new gorgeous Chinese Courtyard environment in Tiny Whoop GO! It's a beautiful autumn courtyard with swaying trees and falling leaves over the pagoda rooftops and golden Buddha statues. Its an excellent place to meet your friends for a flight to explore the new space or maybe search for the 20 hidden Big Whoop stickers! I've also created a fast and flowy racecourse thru the stone corridors and central market that will be home of the 2022 Chinese New Year TWGO Championship! On February 5th I'll host the CNY Championship event for the top 32 pilots on the international leaderboard! Just fly three laps on the course in Fly Solo mode in the sim to automatically add your time to the leaderboard! On Feb 4th at noon I will take a screenshot of the leaderboard and begin reaching out to personally invite pilots to the main event on February 5th at 12pm PT/3pmET/20:00UTC. I'll be sending out invited on the Tiny Whoop Discord channel so be sure to join this server: You can find the Event Pass for the Chinese New Year special event (including the new Chinese Courtyard environment and raceway) in the Store tab within Tiny Whoop GO! After you have your event pass, just go to tracks, browse, scroll down to 'Tiny Whoop GO - Whoop CNY 2022' and add it to your favorites. Then you'll be able to download the new track and environment from the Favorites tab! As soon as you start flying your three-lap times will be automatically updated to the international leaderboard on the front page of I'll be hosting some multiplayer sessions and small gatherings this week and next leading up to the main event on the 5th, so watch the Tiny Whoop GO Pilots Lounge group on FB as well as the discord (link above) so watch out for my posts and please join me!
This year's course is fast. 11-Dec-2021   Jesse Perkins
Happy Holidays from everyone here at Tiny Whoop and Tiny Whoop GO! To celebrate the Holiday season we've crafted the snow around our winter cabin into a beautiful LED raceway for you! You're gonna love exploring this snowy location and the nooks and crannies in the cozy cabin. This years racecourse is fast and flowy, with lots of time spent at high-throttle thru the shoveled paths and the snow-covered treetops. It's gorgeous! To help get everyone in the holiday spirit I (Jesse Perkins) will be hosting an online Tiny Whoop Holiday party and a double-elimination event for the top 32 pilots on the leaderboard! In addition to the usual epic race with some of the best talent in the world, we'll also have some games, fun and prizes for everyone watching the livestream as well as the pilots. The event will be on Sunday, December 26th at 12pm PT/3pmET/20:00UTC, and I'll take a screenshot of the leaderboard on Christmas day to start reaching out to invite pilots to the main event on discord and via email. If you're not already a part of the Tiny Whoop discord channel, join right here: You can find the Event Pass for the Holiday special event (including the new Winter Woodland environment and raceway) in the Store tab within Tiny Whoop GO! After you have your event pass, just go to tracks, browse, scroll down to 'Tiny Whoop GO - Whoop Xmas 2021 at Winter Woodland' and add it to your favorites. Then you'll be able to download the new track and environment from the Favorites tab! As soon as you start flying your three-lap times will be automatically updated to the international leaderboard on the front page of I'll be hosting some multiplayer sessions and small gatherings this week and next leading up to the main event on the 26th, so watch the Tiny Whoop GO Pilots Lounge group on FB as well as the discord (link above) so watch out for my posts and please join me!
The TWGO Halloween Event is HERE! 21-Oct-2021   Jesse Perkins
Happy Halloween, Tiny Whoop Community! BEWARE: The Tiny Whoop video above depicts scary scenes. You should press that red play button and check it out. If you dare. The new Halloween environment and racecourse is now available! Explore the cemetery and crypt to find magical race gates, spooky ghosts, and some fun new Easter eggs! Overall the environment creates an excellent Halloween experience and I know it's going to make you you excited for this fall season! You might even be able to open 3 tombs with some hints from local ghouls, and don't forget to ring the bell at the top of the church! There are also 15 hidden BIG WHOOP stickers hidden around the course! Grab your event pass in the TWGO store for 4 GBP (about $5.50US) and download the course today! After you get your pass just go to Tracks, then browse to (or search) the Tiny Whoop GO Whoop Halloween 2021 course! Check the little box to add it to your favorites, then head to 'My Favorites' to download the course! Each time you fly the course in Fly Solo your time will be updated to the leaderboard, which you can view by stopping on a landing pad at one of the gravestones in the cemetery near the starting line. On Saturday, October 30th (at 12pm PT/3pm ET/8pm BST) Jesse Perkins will host the main event/Halloween party with prizes for the champions as well as random giveaways! The top 16 on the leaderboard will be invited to the pro class event and pilots in position 16-32 will be invited to race in the sport class main event, both of which will be broadcast live in the Tiny Whoop Facebook Groups. On October 29th at 12pm PT we will take a screenshot of the leaderboard and begin reaching out to the top 32 pilots. After that point the leaderboard will continue to update but new times will not be relevant to main race invitations. To be sure you're up to date on information please head over to to join the official Tiny Whoop discord server! Last year's online Halloween party was SO MUCH FUN, I can't wait for this year! Whether you participate in the event or just want to hang out, please join us for the live online party and races!
Announcing the TWGO Xmas 2020 Track and TWGO Online Holiday Party! 22-Dec-2020   Jesse Perkins
Happy Holidays from Team TWGO!! As a holiday gift to you we've released the TWGO Xmas 2020 course at the Winter Cabin, and this Sunday I'm hosting an Online holiday party at 1pm PT / 4pmET / 9pmGMT! Stop by for games, casual racing, and prizes! You're gonna LOVE this course and the beautiful environment! Outdoors the snow is falling on a beautiful coniferous forest - its a winter wonderland. Indoors you'll find a warm Christmas cabin with a fire blazing, a decorated tree, and even our old friend Roger the Rat hiding somewhere... The course is dynamic - winding thru the forest undergrowth over the snow drifts, passing thru the cabin interior, and weaving between the snowy treetops over the forest. So far I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the course, and lots of people are putting in lap times with the new brushless aircraft. You can find this free track by clicking tracks on the start up screen of Tiny Whoop GO. From there you can browse to the Whoop Xmas 2020 track under the organization Tiny Whoop GO to add it to your favorites. Then visit your favorites and click download! It's a snap. Whether you download the track or not please stop by the TWGO Online Holiday Party this Sunday (1pm PT / 4pmET / 9pmGMT) in the Tiny Whoop GO Discord server! We'll be hanging out, catching up, and doing some racing and games in TWGO! Here's the Link:
Jeff West's new Brushless course is FIRE. 11-Dec-2020   Jesse Perkins
Check out this excellent video of TWGO Champion AGILIS flying the latest course by Jeff West called Brushless V1 which you can find in the creator's club! The new more powerful aircraft needed some new courses, and Jeff wanted to be one of the first members of the Creator's Club to make a brushless track. Here's what he has to say about it: The brushless V1 track was one of the first tracks built in Tiny Whoop GO. I've always liked building tracks that have both technical areas mixed with fast area where you can run the throttle wide open. With this particular track being made for the series was also discussed for the HQ shirt giveaway. It ultimately was the shirt giveaway and over 30 people participated in laying down there fastest 3 laps on the newly released brushless aircraft. Thank you all that flew the track and making the giveaway fun. I will do another soon!
Announcing the TWGO Brushless Winter Series! 11-Dec-2020   Jesse Perkins
With the launch of the Brushless aircraft in Tiny Whoop GO, we're launching a new racing series hosted by myself, Jeff West (Muhanme_esjeff) and Alex Bryant (RAB FPV), with a $500 prize pool from!!! Thank you WEBLEED!!! Brushless power and speed has really changed the game, and we've had a huge flood of new pilots joining the sim. The new TWGO Winter Series will have two classes - Sportsman and Pro. Each track will be released on Friday afternoon, a little more than 24 hours before the race! You'll have about a day to put a time on the leaderboard for the new course, and the top 28 pilots will be divided into the two racing classes. We'll also be hosting live multiplayer coaching and training sessions every monday evening at 6pm PT/9pmET! Please join us! You can get more info on race format and rules here: And to keep up on all info and track releases, join the TWGO Pilots Lounge and Creator's Club HERE:
The Playground Designer Expansion Pack is released and discounted for Black Friday! 14-Nov-2020   Jesse Perkins
As many of you already know, the Tiny Whoop GO Track Builder is now released to everyone! It's an excellent way to build the Tiny Whoop course of your dreams, a fun freestyle environment, or a place to practice exercises or IGOW tricks! I find building courses as much fun as flying them, and there are TONS of new excellent courses popping up under the Creators Club, built by all of you guys! I love your work! The big news this week we've released a bunch of new elements to build with in the TWGO Summer Playground - the Playground Designer Expansion Pack! You can now build any playground you want using 10 modular pieces that easily snap to an invisible grid, making building quick easy and fun! Best of all, now thru the end of black friday weekend the expansion pack is available in the sim store for only 50 credits - approximately $0.26 if you have the track builder! Want to see a course I created using the new expansion pack? In the start up screen of TWGO, click tracks, browse, then search for Towers and you'll see my new track - Taming the Towers. Add it to your favorites and give it a flight! I'm proud of it, and I'm excited to see how many of you guys can beat my current time on the leaderboard.
Tiny Whoop GO Track Builder Tutorial 14-Nov-2020   Jesse Perkins
Attention Creator's Club members! Here's the tutorial video I made for building tracks in the GO Dome and the Sports Hall. The track builder is easy to use and doesn't require any special knowledge or background in 3D editing, but there are a few extra features and tips inside this tutorial video. Feel free to skip around using the table of contents if you open this video in YouTube!
Dookie FPV wins the TWGO Halloween Invitational!!! 14-Nov-2020   Jesse Perkins
The 2020 Halloween Event in Tiny Whoop GO is OVER! I think this course will go down as one of the most fun and frusterating course in drone sim history. The dynamic gates that change size were tricky, and Roger the rat was always knocking pilots off their course! Nevertheless we had a record-breaking leaderboard, with 115 pilots on the pro leaderboard and lots of other pilots on the novice and intermediate leaderboards. But only the top 16 pilots on the pro leaderboard were invited to the 2020 TWGO Halloween Invitational. We had a BLAST, with all of us laughing hard all night! I was blown away by how beautiful and spooky the course looked from the awesome third-person cameras positioned around the church, graveyard and stairways. In the end Dookie FPV was the winner of the final race, narrowly ahed of RoryRCT in second place and Proxc FPV in third place! I wanna personally congratulate these pilots again! Watching you fly was really a pleasure, and getting to fly alongside you in the afterparty was inspiring. I can't wait until next year! Click the image to watch the livestream! I recommend skipping to the final race, which starts around 1:06:00! If you haven't already, gotta see this course guys!!
IGOW Season 2 has narrowed from 290 pilots down to 75! 14-Nov-2020   Jesse Perkins
After 14 weeks of intense competition in the International Game of Whoop (IGOW) Season 2 the original 290 participating pilots have been narrowed down to just 75 remaining competitors! Lots of you already know that IGOW has a trick each week that all participating pilots must complete thru video submission, and the tricks are getting very difficult now that we have made it all the way to week 14! If a pilot is unable to complete a week's trick, they recieve a letter, and once they spell WHOOP, they are out of the competition! At this point, after 14 weeks there are 23 pilots (out of 290) who have completed every single trick and have blank slates. As for the rest of the 75 pilots still in the game, there are 14 Ws, 12 WHs, 14 WHOs and 12 WHOOs! DanCarpy, RooFPV, SP!T and Daylight won the best video for the last five weeks, with Daniel Daylight winning twice! Amazing work guys! Check out this video to see the latest trick IGOW participants are required to complete, and subscribe to this YouTube channel to see all the livestreams and keep up with this amazing competition!
The TWGO Halloween Event has begun! 27-Oct-2020   Jesse Perkins
The new Halloween map is beautiful, spooky, and totally free. Check out the video above! I couldn't be more proud or excited to invite you guys to fly on the new Whoop Halloween course in Tiny Whoop GO! It's full of Halloween spirit, surprises, secrets, and its really fun to discover and negotiate a course made of appearing and disappearing gates. If you have any trouble finding the course you can just follow Roger the rat and he will show you the way! The leaderboard, located on a gravestone to the left of the launch pad, just became the busiest leaderboard in Tiny Whoop GO history, and if you complete three laps in solo flight on this course to add your name to the list, you'll be entered to win a free Cube gate from! Also the top 16 pilots will be invited to a special race Thursday night (October 29) at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. To get to the Halloween track, just click Tracks in the start up screen, then find it in your favorites and click download! If it's not automatically in your favorites, just click browse and search Halloween, then add to your favorites and download. You're going to love it. This really is a completely new kind of course for Tiny Whoop GO. If you don't already have the free-to-play simulator, grab your copy at There you can enter in your information, even if you have already, to get a fresh email with download links. Happy Halloween, and Whoop on! see you guys in the multiplayers!
IGOW 2 Competition Grows 27-Oct-2020   Daniel Sugano
Above is a link to the latest trick for players of IGOW, here's the latest update on the status of Season 2: IGOW2 aka International Game of Whoop: Season 2 began in August with a record 290 pilots. Three months and 12 weekly challenges later 192 total players have been eliminated and 98 of the top whoop pilots in the world continue to compete for the IGOW2 Championship Trophy and the coveted position as Tiny Whoop Team Pilot as well as tons of other prizes from the 30 awesome IGOW2 sponsors. Of the 98 remaining players 31 incredible pilots still have a clean slate meaning they have not missed/failed a single week! The first 10 weeks of the game were good way to learn the base skills/tricks of FPV freestyle and players of most all skill levels were able to complete a couple challenges, but now we are moving into the phase of the game where the challenges will involve more advanced tricks and combination of maneuvers that will get increasingly difficult as the weeks progress. Tune in to FPV Skittles' YouTube Channel every Saturday at 11:00am PST to watch the livestream review of all the weekly submissions and/or every Wednesday at 6:30pm PST for the TL;DR recap livestream. Wanna participate in the latest IGOW trick? Check out this video with the trick description by FPV Skittles himself!
Agilis wins Rabs Racing Fall Series in TWGO!!! 27-Oct-2020   Jesse Perkins
Check out these EPIC battles between Tiny Whoop superstars Agilis and DayLight FPV!! Sorry I don't have the multicam or FPV feeds for this video, but the blimp cam really shows the entire field of top knotch racers battling! This video is 2 of the 4 Final races of the Championship race of Rabs Fall Racing Series! After 8 races on 8 incredible courses designed by Tiny Whoop team pilot RabFPV, the Rabs Racing fall series has come to an end. The championship raceway was by far the most epic and amazing course Rab has ever made, and is truly an adventure that tested the greatest pilots in the community. The FINALS saw some of the greatest names in TWGO racing head to head - DayLight FPV, Dookie FPV, blindtamarind, Skippy FPV, OGdrLove, R3DRUM, Agilis, and ItsBlunty absolutely aced the course, and when all was said and done, the podium saw OGdrLove in third place, DayLight FPV in second, and the champion, in first place, was Agilis! DayLight put a lot of pressure on Agilis in the finals, being the first pilot ever to take him down in the finals of the championship race, but Agilis answered back with 3 more wins, securing the championship title! You can still fly this epic track for yourself in Tiny Whoop GO! On the start up screen click tracks, browse, and look for the Fall Series Championship under the organization Rabs Racing Tracks. I will always go back to fly this track. Bravo, Rab. Agilis, huge congrats to you my friend. Watching you fly was truly witnessing greatness.
Flash Event This Friday 18th September 16-Sep-2020   Nigel Tomlinson
Hey there Pilot! You are receiving this email to let you know about the latest event from Tiny Whoop UK, and MrLaZyLeGs is this coming Friday. Starting at 7:00pm BST (UTC+1) the track which nobody has seen as yet, will be open for practice at 7:00pm BST. Qualifying will start 90 minutes later, with the final 8 fastest pilots competing in 4 rounds to grab the top spot, and the top prize. For all the information please visit: Prizes: 1st Place: 4x 802 22,000KV Tiny Whoop Onesies Brushless Motors. ( 2nd Place: Large Tiny Whoop T-Shirt. ( 3rd Place: Tiny Whoop Controller Stick Protectors ( To Register, and take part in the fun evening, simply pop onto the Sim, go to Events, and Register!
TWGO Track Builder Demo and Tutorial 02-May-2020   Jesse Perkins
I've showed the track builder to so many people, it's past time to whip up a quick tutorial video!
Tiny Whoop GO 16-Apr-2020   Nige Tomlinson
Hey Tiny Whoop Community, I’m so excited to FINALLY announce ... Tiny Whoop Games Online!!!!! Tiny Whoop GO is a collaboration between Tiny Whoop & Rotor Rush to enable the network of Tiny Whoop clubs around the world to run professional online events and funflys while real-world meet-ups are on hold. All Tiny Whoop club organizers now have free access to the Tiny Whoop GO track builder to make courses for pilots around the world to fly for free. The track builder will soon be available to all creative pilots as a small in-app purchase. Wanna try Tiny Whoop GO for free and fly a few courses created by Tiny Whoop club organizers around the world? Go to membership page and sign up! We'll send you an email with a free activation code for Tiny Whoop GO.
Tiny Whoop UK Launch 03-Feb-2020   Nigel Tomlinson
Tonight saw the official Launch of Tiny Whoop UK by Jesse P during an epic livestream.. The TWUK website offers information about Whoops, how to join the hobby and a cool map that helps you find a Tiny Whoop club near you, how pilots can become members of Tiny Whoop UK. Tiny Whoop UK is made up of independent Tiny Whoop clubs all around the UK, all working together to grow the hobby and create a vibrant friendly community.