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New Whoop Hay Barn Location

We've got a seasonal special for you! Over the next two weeks the new 'Whoop Harvest Barn 22' track will be available to fly in your Tiny Whoop GO Sim for free! This track is set in the 'Whoop Hay Barn', a cozy old barn home to Bessy the retired dairy cow and a run-down red tractor. You can also build you own tracks in the barn if you have the TWGO track builder! To build in the Whoop Hay Barn, go to the sim Store and grab this builder location at a special Black Friday discount.There will be multiplayer sessions in the Whoop Hay Barn leading up to a Special Event on December 10th. Watch the Tiny Whoop Go Pilots Lounge Facebook Group for posts!

Haunted Ruins Quest

For the darker winter evenings we've added a new beautiful location with an epic quest for a real-world prize! Drift thru the haunted ancient ruins framed by a spooky graveyard to find an excellent flowing raceway and, if you're brave, an adventure quest thru the ruins to release the trapped spirits! Complete the quest and we will mail you a limited edition sticker to commemorate your success! This place will really get you in the mood for Autumn! You can also find a secret way to enable Tiny Whoop Headlights onboard your aircraft, allowing you to search the darkest corners for more spooks and secrets! To be honest I think it's even more fun than racing. You're going to understand why this is by far my favorite TWGO environment ever!

Get the Haunted Ruins in the TWGO store for 5 GBP (about $5.60US) today! Then browse to (or search) the Tiny Whoop GO Haunted Ruins! Check the little box to add it to your favorites, then head to 'My Favorites' to download the course!

Playground Designer Expansion Pack

The Tiny Whoop GO Track Builder is an excellent way to build the Tiny Whoop course of your dreams. With the release of the Playground Designer Expansion Pack you can now build and fly any playground you want using 10 modular pieces that easily snap to an invisible grid, making building quick easy and fun!

Now in store with Black Friday Discount !

Minimum System Spec

The Tiny Whoop GO simulation software uses the latest 3D engine technology and needs a reasonable spec PC to provide realistic visuals and a smooth flight experience. The minimum recommended spec is: Windows 10 OS, Intel i5 dual core CPU, NVidia 1050 graphics card or equivalent supporting DirectX 11 or greater, 4GB RAM plus internet connection.

Tiny Whoop GO is also available for MAC and requires a system with a reasonable 3D graphics capability such as the latest iMacs. Due to the range of systems and graphics capabilities we recommend you download and install it to evaluate performance on your own MAC.